Junior Assistant Mentorship program

JAMP is an exciting leadership opportunity for maturing students to further develop their dance knowledge, become a mentor to our younger dancers and learn what it’s like to stand on the “other side” of a classroom.

The JAMP team will consist of dedicated dancers hand-picked for their talents to assist Core Dynamics teaching staff with pre-school, beginner and junior level classes. These student teachers will be assigned 1 or more classes per week to assist, there is a monthly assignment that covers topics of body alignment, common mistakes and how to identify them and correct with confidence, class planning, strength and stretch development and leadership.

JAMPers will receive opportunities to lead in various studio annual events like our annual Princess Party, Studio Showcase, etc. Responsibilities will be dependent upon the style of dance, teacher and level.

Is JAMP for me?

I am looking for a leadership opportunity.
I am aged 12+ with at least 5+ years of dance experience.
I am a good role model for younger dancers.
I am interested in learning more about what it means to be a dance teacher.


JAMP is a volunteer-based mentorship and education program.
JAMP members will be an integral part of the Core Dynamics community and will receive feedback from their instructors to help them develop strong leadership skills.
After 2 continuous years in the program, dedicated JAMPers will be invited to an interview process where teaching staff will determine if they are suitable to continue into our LAUNCH program – a prepatory program that mentors maturing dancers towards gaining teaching certifications or a professional career in dance.

How do I apply for JAMP?

Interested dancers are asked to fill out the following application.

Orientation Day

Successful candidates will be asked to attend an orientation day in early September . This meeting will cover everything you need to know about being JAMP member. Class assignments will also be given out at this time.