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I’ve been taking Pilates at Core Dynamics since 2013 and I am so thankful my family is part of the Core family! The Pilates classes have really helped my overall health. It has helped me prepare for and recover from major surgery. Sam and Patti take into account advice from my physiotherapist and in turn my physiotherapist works with what I learn in Pilates. It’s this collaborative approach that has helped me improve my overall health and wellness. My daughter started taking dance class in 2017. Originally we chose Core because of my awesome experience with Pilates. We quickly realized the positive impact the Core values had on our daughter. The team approach, body positivity, work ethic, structure, and supportive environment is exactly what she needed to thrive. We love watching her develop her skills while also gaining more confidence. As a girl, this is all so important and will have a lifelong positive impact on her. The age appropriate music, costuming, and makeup is one part of the Core values that we all really appreciate. This applies not only to costuming for performing but also the expectations for weekly classes. I love hearing Patti say, “We need to let kids be kids.” It’s really just so true! Patti and her team are always coming up with new and creative ways to bring kids and families together.
Princess parties, movie nights, sleepovers, and community donations are only a few of the fun things that have happened since we joined. It all brings us together into a tighter dance community. My most recent Core adventure is adult tap. After watching my daughter’s love of tap I just had to try it. I’m terribly uncoordinated and it takes immense focus but it’s truly so much fun. It’s a great workout for my body and my mind! I truly believe that businesses and people show their values during difficult times. This held true with the way Patti and her team handled Covid-19. The kids literally did not miss even one week of dance! Classes were setup to be online which gave the kids and parents a sense of normalcy in a time that was anything but normal. The classes included individualized instruction and feedback mixed in with just a little bit of funny chaos as the kids took the opportunity to show off pets and siblings to their dance friends. It was fun when fun was needed most. When competitions were uncertain and everything was being cancelled Patti reached out to parents to provide options and solicit feedback. This open communication and sense of involvement in the solution made me feel so confident in the decisions that were being made. Thank you for the wonderful Pilates and dance experiences!!! I can’t wait to see what new adventures are yet to come.
Bev Coomber
I will be starting my 10th season with Core Dynamics.  The reason I started many years ago was because of a lower back injury.  The injury had taken away a lot of mobility and was making everyday activities hard to accomplish. The team at the studio helped me work through the pain and strengthened not only my back but my entire body. I take a lot of pride in being strong inside and out and they helped me get it all back.  In the past 10 years I have dealt with a few other injuries and the team always takes the time and care with the recovery.  Thank you Patti and team!
Alison Weaver
My daughters joined Core Dynamics 6 years ago and we quickly found that it was the right decision for our family. Over the years the teachers have excelled in creating a positive dance experience for us and many others. They focus on strong technical skills for the students as well as creating a safe place for them to have fun. Not only is there a great group of teachers, but great families as well. I am delighted with my decision to have put my children in such a wonderful, family friendly and positive studio for many years.
Angie Morrissette
I enrolled my daughter at Core Dynamics Pilates and Dance four years ago when she was 3 years old. My daughter has participated in the Angelina Ballerina, Tutus and Twirls, Funtastic Kids, competitive programs and attended fun activities.  I knew I was not only looking for a dance studio but I was looking for a positive, nurturing environment. I love that parents are able to view classes from the lobby and watch their children doing what they love.  The staff is professional, loving and encouraging. Miss Patti and the staff at Core not only teach their students proper dance technique but they are positive role models and committed to representing core values. Core Dynamics is an environment where I know my daughter can thrive and grow with a positive influence and develop a positive self-concept.
Melissa Gabrielli
We chose to put our daughter in dance at Core Dynamics because I know Patti (Studio Director) and what she believes in. It is a very relaxing atmosphere with no extra pressure. We love that our daughter dances because she loves it and enjoys going every week. We have found that the teachers are all very approachable and understanding. The instruction is at a very high standard and we can see that when our kids go to compete, or do their testing. My daughter has come so far not only in her dance, but also her personality. She is very proud to get on stage and do her very best for her teachers! I’m excited to see what Core Dynamics will continue to give my daughter as she continues to dance her heart out.
Debbie Urlacher
My son has been a part of the Core Dynamics dance family for several years. He tried other dance studios but this is the one that recognized his skills and talent in the hip hop dance. Every year the studio has challenged his skills, encouraged his uniqueness and offered workshops to enable him to find new techniques. As a male dancer it can be a challenge to find a studio that recognizes male dancers but Core Dynamics has done well, making sure he is a part of the team! This past spring proved to be a challenge for everyone. Patti and her team of instructors went beyond what any other studio did to keep the dancers engaged and excited until it was finally decided that festivals had to be cancelled. I recommend the studio as being supportive to dancers of any skill level. They will work hard to let your child enjoy their art while still learning how to be the best they can be.
Linda Huard

My daughter has had an outstanding experience hip hop dancing at Core Dynamics! The staff are warm, inviting and they truly care about all of their dancers. We are lucky to be part of such a caring and inclusive team!

Laurie Mears Redden
“Love this place! The studio is not only a clean and welcoming environment, but the instruction is top-notch.  Patti is meticulous in her teaching – she is very aware of your movements and able to easily explain any modifications needed.I appreciate her individualized approach and have definitely noticed an improvement in my lower back pain, flexibility, and overall body-awareness.
Geni Stephens
Our daughter has been dancing at Core Dynamics since it began. She has had some Amazing Instructors who encourage the kids to reach their fullest potential. The teachers have a love of Dance which they share with their students in each and every class. The atmosphere is warm and inviting at the studio and it is most evident that the staff care about each and every one of the kids. The older students are very supportive of the younger kids and are excellent role models who the children look up to and aspire to be one day. As an added bonus the parents get along well and the whole studio is encouraging and supportive. Thanks Ms. Patti and Core Dynamics for all that you do!
Dana and Doug Johnston
Dance Success Stories


Dance Success Stories