Accelerated Program

Our most popular program! We invite students with talent, commitment, and good team spirit to participate in our Accelerated Dance Program. All students in this program must be enrolled in Ballet classes and be prepared to partake in exams. These students will compete in festivals held in and around Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Accelerated program is designed for the student who wants to be pushed and likes achieving set goals.

Class Information



Our Ballet program follows the CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) program. The CDTA is a national teaching organization based out of Ontario. The CDTA offers a set curriculum for students of certain ages and levels and gives students the option to take exams and determine their skill level.

The benefit to parents in choosing a studio that is accredited with a national syllabus, is you are ensured your child is learning exercises from an experienced instructor. As well you can be safe in the knowledge that your child will be introduced to exercises in an age appropriate manner, allowing the safe development of strength and technique throughout their training.


Get your toes tapping! Tap is all about percussion, developing a sense of rhythm, and music interpretation. Emphasis is on strong footwork and identifying the names of individual steps. Nobody gets in trouble here for being too loud.


Is your child an energizer bunny? Do they love to hear pop music, twirl, jump and shimmy? Maybe you have a jazz dancer on your hands! Our jazz classes are an experience in fast, upbeat, energetic, heart pumping good times!

Hip Hop

Bust some moves on the floor! Let your B-boyz or B-girlz bust a move in one of our high energy Hip Hop classes. We show them the fundamentals of hip hop and then turn them loose to see what they bring in terms of style and attitude.


The Acro class will help students gain balance, strength and flexibility. It is a foundation class for dance tricks, such as splits, flips, cartwheels, etc. to help throw a little excitement into your dance routines.

Acro Production

Caution: this class causes the following side effects: increased flexibility and balancing skills, the ability to walk on your hands, backbends at will followed by walkover effect!!! If that sounds like fun then you are in the right place! This class provides acro dancers the opportunity to work on partnering tricks, and incorporating all the skills learned in technique classes from both acro and dance. Our Acro Production class is open to any dancer enrolled in our Acro and Dance program (must be Levels 3 and up) looking to perform in a large group competitive number. This group will travel to different competitions in and around Alberta.

PBT Class

Progressive Ballet Technique is for the serious student who wants to pursue stronger core control and use of turnout. This is a challenging workout done on stability balls and with small resistance equipment that will enhance students control, balance, technique and understanding of body alignment and movement. This class is also a great option for the hockey player in your life who is looking to increase their skate stride as well as balance their shoulder and torso strength needed for hitting without injury.


This is a challenging class that through a series of simple exercises will safely develop flexibility in the back, shoulders, hips, and hamstrings. Designed for the dancer who struggles with the flexibility component of jazz or ballet classes.  This class is also ideal for hockey players and adults who need to loosen up to avoid common injuries and persistent pain.

Pilates For Dancers

Pilates 4 Dancers is to help dancers that are struggling with balance, control, pirouettes or just want a great conditioning workout to end their hectic week. This class will help them understand their bodies and any imbalances they may have – especially important when dancers have big growth spurts and are feeling frustrated or like they may have plateaued.

***This is a great class for adults as well or parents that want to join their dancer for a fun class.

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