Conditioning Classes

Not just for dancer’s (although they are great to keep stretched out and strong) our new conditioning classes are meant for anyone looking to improve their overall level of flexibility, endurance, balance and posture.  Dancers that are in 3 or more classes/week will receive a 50% discount on their Conditioning classes.

We offer 3 great options depending on your needs:

Class Information


PBT Class

Progressive Ballet Technique is for the serious student who wants to pursue stronger core control and use of turnout.  This is a challenging workout done on stability balls and with small resistance equipment that will enhance students control, balance, technique and understanding of body alignment and movement.  This class is also a great option for the hockey player in your life who is looking to increase their skate stride as well as balance their shoulder and torso strength needed for hitting without injury.

Pilates 4 Dancers

Pilates 4 Dancers is to help dancers that are struggling with balance, control, pirouettes or just want a great conditioning workout to end their hectic week. This class will help them understand their bodies and any imbalances they may have – especially important when dancers have big growth spurts and are feeling frustrated or like they may have plateaued.

***This is a great class for adults as well or parents that want to join their dancer for a fun class.


This is a challenging class that through a series of simple exercises will safely develop flexibility in the back, shoulders, hips, and hamstrings. Designed for the dancer who struggles with the flexibility component of jazz or ballet classes.  This class is also ideal for hockey players and adults who need to loosen up to avoid common injuries and persistent pain.