Patti Johnston

Patti Johnston

At the young age of 15, when asked to teach her first class, it was evident Miss Patti had found her calling.

Having taught thousands of students over the past 30 years, Ms. Johnston offers a wide range of challenging and inspirational classes for beginners to advanced as well as tutoring for those seeking professional certifications.

Patti believes that dance can provide far more than a perfect pirouette – dance instills work ethic, perseverance, passion and team work to those who pursue it.

A self proclaimed “education junkie”, Ms. Johnston is always studying the newest developments in dance training, mind body awareness and how to harness the power of an athlete’s mind to drive them towards their goals.

Over 15 years ago, she discovered Pilates and a love affair began opening up a whole new world to training strong technical dancers who would be able to sustain a career and develop a strong body awareness so as not to become injured through their training years. She has had the privilege to help people to overcome back pain, knee injuries, have healthy pregnancies, and increase overall well being.

Lately, she has included working with high level sports teams developing programs to enhance their endurance, strength, breath and overall cardio.

Patti has been lucky to travel all over the world with dance and Pilates. She has performed on cruise ships, taken students to events in Vancouver, Disneyland and Disney World. She always enjoys stepping out of her own studio to adjudicate and guest instruct.

In 2019, she was a featured guest on a talk radio show based out of NYC. She’s been featured on podcasts for dancer teachers and most recently was asked to speak in front of 300 fellow studio owners at Dance Domination in New York City.

Mrs. Johnston has served on the Alberta Branch of the CDTA (Canadian Dance Teacher Association) as President, Past President, Member at Large and currently remains as Exam Coordinator. She has been a member of this organization since 1995 when she completed her first of several teaching certifications.

“Teaching dance is what I do, but getting my dancers to believe in WHO THEY are – that is WHO I AM!