Pilates Classes

Our Pilates programs are a system of physical and mental conditioning that can enhance your physical strength, flexibility, and coordination as well as reduce stress, improve mental focus and foster an improved sense of well-being. We offer classes in traditional mat as well as equipment based classes to take your workout to a whole new level. Private, semi-private, group classes and team coaching is available. Pilates classes are an exceptional tool for the dancer considering a professional career or those wanting to get an extra push towards further development in their dance classes.

Introduction To Pilates

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Class Information


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Mat Classes

Pilates on the Mat is a system of core strengthening exercises that focuses mainly on development of the trunk muscles while also training arms and legs.  Small pieces of resistance equipment can be added to increase the level of difficulty and endurance. This class increases muscle endurance, mental focus and body awareness while lengthening muscles to leave you feeling like a long, lean, stress free machine!


Pilates on the Reformer allows for a more dynamic, targeted workout style, relevant to combat today’s lifestyle factors such as long working hours, seated for longer periods of time and mental health aspects, to name a few. Not just a core workout, (although you will feel those abs the next day), the reformer provides internal feedback to elongate the spine, joints and muscles leading to increased flexibility, strength, stamina and balanced posture.

Stability Chair

The Stability Chair offers full-body training at any level.  Exercises performed on this equipment challenge almost every muscle group in the body in every plain of motion including rotation and extension of the torso.   It is great for improving core stability and strength of the upper body as well as improving lower body power and performance, making it a favorite amongst athletes.  The Stability Chair enhances overall physical conditioning helping the body become less prone to injury.

Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel challenges core strength and stability of exercise enthusiasts of every level.  The surface makes it ideal for stretching and strengthening and the rungs provide versatility for it’s users.  The adjustable base allows us to accommodate a variety of torso and leg lengths making it a versatile piece of equipment to incorporate into your next workout.


Pilates performed on the Cadillac can help assist clients who are pushing through the plateaus that often occur in training.  It is also useful in post rehabilitation.  This incredibly user-friendly apparatus offers multitudes of benefits to both men and women and is capable of over 80 exercises.  This workout tones muscles by combining movement with light resistance and gravity based exercises.  With several exercises to work core, back, shoulders, and improve flexibility, the Cadillac is a great choice when looking for versatility in workout routines.

Private Lessons

Want to have an incredible workout that challenges you and helps you meet specific health and wellness goals?  Need some assistance to recover from injury so you can get back to life your way?  Whatever your goal, we can arrange a workout or post rehabilitative session to assist you in getting where you want to go.

Sports-Specific Team Training

Hockey team constantly on the injured list?  Needing to improve that golf swing?  Got a mountain to climb?  Regardless of your sport we can create a workout and injury prevention system to help you get to that next level of performance.  Book a consultation today to create your systemized plan of attack.

Group Classes

Offering group classes in Mat and Reformer in sizes of no more than 6 to ensure you are getting individualized feedback. These classes may also utilise small resistance equipment to take your workout to the next level. Not sure what you need but want to get started? Give us a call to book your consultation and postural analysis.

Semi-Private Classes

Don’t like larger class sizes?  We host small group bookings for you and a friend (or group of your friends) that want to get fit together in either mat, reformer or equipment based workouts. We can also pair you with someone looking to join who has similar goals and fitness level.

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